Finca Wilco Way/ Finca Via Huilco

Finca Wilco Way/ Finca Via Huilco
A one acre farm, just south of Vilcabamba, in Southern Ecuador, Wilco Way is a budding model of Permaculture principles at work. There is a lot of information on Permaculture on this site, accumulated over 25 years in several different climate zones around the world.
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Season Extension Cold Frames

Greens Leaf Wall Fall

Greens Leaf Wall Fall

Leaf walls covered with Reemay Row Cover and plastic sheeting. This bed is approximately 25’ x 12’.

Harvest Kale Dec

Harvest Kale Dec

Insulated wall made of used chicken wire stuffed with leaves. Yummy Dwarf Siberian Kale, Fennel, and Fava beans and Parsley are happy inside.

Our greens were happy right through the stretch of 15 below weather we had last winter.

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Sheet Mulching

The start of the Medicine Wheel Garden.

The start of the Medicine Wheel Garden.

Sheet Mulching is a very basic and important Permaculture skill.

Sometimes called “blanket composting”, “no-work” or “no-dig” gardening, it is very representative of Permaculture in terms of modeling Nature.

This is the start of the Medicine Wheel Garden. As you see, we are layering the Sheet Mulching right on top of the lawn. No need to dig or pull weeds. They become part of the nutrient base for the new garden.

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Wetland Project

Pond Late Summer

Pond Late Summer

We applied simple bioremediation techniques to allow the pond to purify itself. This is a “before” photo. Looking good, but not purifying itself. Then the Pond Work Team started to dig in — here are some of the pics and details.

Pond channel party

Pond channel party

After removing the plants, rocks and old liner, we re-shaped the stream channel

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Medicine Wheel Garden

Medicine wheel greens, corn and beyond

Medicine wheel greens, corn and beyond

The yield from our sheet-mulching no-till, “no work” method. Check out the sheet mulching blog entry if you wnat to see what this garden looked like before we got started. Mouse over and click on the pics to see if there is a bigger version for the pic.

Garden north, corn and greens

Garden north, corn and

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Outdoor Mushroom Growing Bed


Outdoor Mushroom Growing Bed

Mushroom propagation outdoors requires some careful preparations.

La propagacion de los hongos al exterior requiere de algunos preparativos cuidadosos.

Site selection is important. In our valley, a shaded site that will retain moisture is critical. This site in the photo is under a large apple tree. It is close to a water spigot, to make it easy to keep moist.

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Plant Guilds

there there little plant

In Permaculture, we place plants together that will naturally support each other, mimicking that design.


In this fruit tree guild, the central element is a fruit tree, and each guild also has a beneficial insect attractor plant, harmful insect repeller plant, a nitrogen-fixer to help provide nutrients, and a food crop—in this case, squash.

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