Finca Wilco Way/ Finca Via Huilco

Finca Wilco Way/ Finca Via Huilco
A one acre farm, just south of Vilcabamba, in Southern Ecuador, Wilco Way is a budding model of Permaculture principles at work. There is a lot of information on Permaculture on this site, accumulated over 25 years in several different climate zones around the world.
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Plant Guilds

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In Permaculture, we place plants together that will naturally support each other, mimicking that design.


In this fruit tree guild, the central element is a fruit tree, and each guild also has a beneficial insect attractor plant, harmful insect repeller plant, a nitrogen-fixer to help provide nutrients, and a food crop—in this case, squash.

Guild making

In nature, plants form symbiotic relationships with each other in groups.


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