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Rocky Mountain Flower Essences
Flower essences are energy medicine, similar to Bach Flower Remedies. Made by a method that is akin to homeopathy, these essences are collected and potentized by Zia without physically harvesting or harming the blossoms. The current collection of nine essences are all from alpine flowers that grow here in the alpine high-country of the Colorado Rockies. They are like having the uplifting qualities of the alpine tundra in a bottle.
By request, we are now offering the complete set as a CSA share. Having the complete set allows you to display them and test each morning with applied kinesiology to select the essence that will give you optimal support for the upcoming day. Or, you can treat yourself with the remedies at any time, with just one to three drops under the tongue. $99 for the set.
Delivered to the drop-off locations

Arnica ~ protection from emotional stings & burns
Columbine ~ bridging from deep soul connection to everyday reality
Mertensia (Chiming Bells) ~ humble endurance in the face of adversities, fostering feminine strength
Purple Elephant Head ~ exuberant outreach of unity consciousness
Aster ~ bridging differences
Rosy Paintbrush ~ conduit of heavenly energy to Earth
Shooting Star ~ deepening the inner journey
White Bog Orchid ~ sensual purity exalted in community
Yarrow ~ right use of will, structural strength for the body
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Central Boulder, Fri Oct 28, 12-5 pm, 2401 Broadway St. E side of Broadway, between Mapleton and Portland, round white building – shares will be on the front desk.
Longmont, Thurs Oct 27, 12-8 pm, 165 Sunset St. just South of 3rd Ave. Karen Majorowki, 303.684.8168 Box on front porch.
Niwot, Fri Oct 28, 12-8 pm, 7712 Niwot Rd. Old brick farmhouse. Driveway just W of Franklin, E of ped crossing sign. Ellen Klaver. Bin near back porch.
Denver, Wed, Oct 26, 12-8, 4964 W. 46th Ave. Denver, CO, 80212. Marsha Murphy, 303.455.0469.
Ft. Collins, Thurs, Oct 27, 12-8 pm, 2407 W Stuart 80526 Suzanne Rouge, 970.308.1415. Bin on front porch.
Laramie WY, Fri Oct 28 Big Hollow Food Coop, 119 South 1st St 82070 307.745.3586

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