Nettles, Stinging

Stinging Nettles Urtica dioica Brief Wonderful herb that can also be used in cooking as a super-nourishing cooked green. Nutritive, tonic, alterative, antiallergenic and antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, astringent, blood tonic, circulatory stimulating, decongestant, kidney tonic, uterine tonic, nervine, vermifuge (seed), endocrine tonic (seed). Medicinal Properties Nettles are a wonderful nourishing and mineral-rich herb that support many of the body’s different systems. Nettles improve the body’s resistance to allergies, stimulate the circulatory system, reduce inflammation, support healthy blood clotting, and promote healing. It is a cleansing and energizing tonic herb whose leaves and roots tonify tissues, muscles, arteries, and skin and increase circulation to the skin’s [[read more]]